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Aerial photo of The River Murray, Mildura, Australia.
River bridge over Goulburn River at Murchison.
Tyre tracks on sand
Old stone house
Rollie Pollie weeds against a rural fence.
Red wagon art image.
Minning history
Abandoned rail line, Lake Crosbie, Liniga, Victoria, Australia.
Car beside stone building, Silverton.
Old steam engine
Water tank shadow
Old machinery at entrance to White Cliffs.
Entry welcome to Goolwa display for 2010 Tour Down Under, cycle race.
Old Court House, Moulamein.
Old Court House, Moulamein.


Craft display, Salamanca Market.
Road sign, Grid.
Road sign, Australia.
Whirl Wind
Fire Almond Ave., Mildura, 06/12/2018


Flowers of Eucalyptus camaldulensis.
E. camaldulensis.
Abbotsford Bridge, Curlwaa, NSW, Australia.
Murray River, Abbotsford Bridge, at Curlwaa, NSW, Australia.
Aerial Murray River and Abbotsford Bridge, Curlwaa, NSW, Australia.
Abbotsford Bridge crossing Murray River, Curlwaa, NSW, Australia.
Island in Murray River, Curlwaa, NSW, Australia.
Cowanna Billabong and Murray River, Yelta, Victoria, Australia.
Cowanna Cutting near Mildura.
Cowanna Billabong, Yelta, Victoria, Australia
Abottsford Bridge, Curlwaa, NSW, Australia,
Mountain stream.
Old Lady Cactus flower.
Old lady Cactus, flowering.
Flower of Old Lady Cactus
Peeling bark, Lemon Scented Gum.
Peeling bark on Corymbia citriodora tree.
Grevillea Robusta flower.
Fruit set on Pomeganate tree.
Fruit set, Newton's Apple variety.
Fruit set, Jonathan Apple.
Newtons Apples, juvenile.
Flowering and fruit set, Apples.


Dew covered spiders web.
Red Gums beside the river Murray.
Abstract, pebbles.
Pink Rose.
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